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Excess hair (hirsutism) in women often appears in the places where men have body hair, such as the upper lip and chin, the chest (including around the nipples), the tops of the shoulders and the lower abdomen.The excess hair is usually coarse and dark (different from the fine hair that some women have on their upper lip, chin, breasts and stomach).

It will take about 3 months before there is any improvement, and 12 months to achieve the full effect. Hair may regrow about 6 months later, in which case another course of the drug can be given. In the UK, some hospital dermatology departments provide laser or electrolysis treatment under the NHS, but this is usually available only for individuals with a great deal of excess hair, or who are particularly distressed by it. It contains a chemical called eflornithine, which blocks a key enzyme in the hair follicle.Both the oestrogen and progestogen in the combined pill have an effect, so the progesterone-only pill would not be as effective in reducing hair.About 1 in 10 women will see an improvement, but it may take 12–18 months.The hairs also grow longer than normal so, for example, hairs on the upper lip may grow to 1 cm long instead of remaining short, fine and fair. Women often worry that hairiness means that they have male hormones and are not fully female.In fact, all women have a small amount of the ‘male’ hormone, testosterone, circulating in their bodies.

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