Walgreens policy on dating coworkers

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Walgreens policy on dating coworkers

The teakwood and sandalwood come in to give the scent a warm, rich woody base.

BLV as a whole is a beauty of a warm weather scent, with its' light florals, woods and fresh, spicy ginger.

A strong B, tedering on an A, but not quite there because of the rather dissapointing Notte flanker.

Clean, elegant, a bit sensual to me, and lasts long. I, however, personally don't think it smells beautiful when the weather is TOO humid.

Ginger’s one of them where if you ain’t careful with it you can turn anythin’ into the least talented Spice Girl.

For the price tag, I would consider that a good buy. 15 years later and I'm still buying bottles of Blv. Undeniably masculine, fresh and sophisticated, this is the only scent I reach for during the summer heat & humidity. A most refreshing change considering the citrus-saturated frag market for men. Sandalwood as a top note, tobacco blossom as a base note. Me & my brother fell in love with this fragrance in the early 2000's & we both wore it for years.

This one could be used for all occasions and by most age groups, possibly even women. The composition is unlike anything out there, exceptionally unique and...dreamy. With life changes i totally forgot about it after about five years or so.

When I was traveling around some east and south Asian countries where the humidity is ridiculously high, it seemed like over 50% of men there were in love with this scent back then (2004-2005) and there wasn't a single day I didn't smell BLV pour homme. I ran out of adjectives meself but then again, those 3 are enough/ Go and be real man.

What happened was that, it, the scent in the super high humidity, gave me serious diarrhea every time I encountered it. I usually get constipated whilst traveling but thanks to BLV pour homme I was constipation-free during my time in Asia. :) Ah it's summer and you've got nose fatigue or a real lack of inspiration from all your citrus based fragrances. Well, if the zing of ginger is something that you find refreshing then say no more Bvlgari BLV has you covered!

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Hadn't smelled it in a couple years & the other day my brother bought a new bottle only to realize that it's a shell of it's former self. My sister didn't like it at all, but for me, it's an interesting combination of cool, creamy, herbal and sweet.

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